The Blackened Blues Band Roadhouse Tour 2003 -  Dates and Showtimes

Mark - Vocals
Mark Kleppner
  Lead Vocals, Guitar, Percussion.

Mark’s soulful sounds are usually typical of a vocalist years beyond his age. Mark has performed in a variety of New Orleans groups over the years ranging from original material, alternative pop to the oldies.
Don’t let his age fool you.

George Neyrey 
Lead, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals   

You've seen him on many stages in the New Orleans music scene. George’s guitar slinging style and melodic hooks have been featured on numerous locally produced CD’s. You'll notice his varying style that range from surf rock to today’s tunes and anything in between.
Instrument- Vintage Strats, 1974,79,and 86.

        George - Guitar

Kent - Bass
Kent DeGeorge
 Bass, Vocals, Percussion.

Laying down the groove! Kent’s style and personal music preferences run towards the blues and soul with a good dash of funk. Kent as well as all the musicians in The Blackened Blues have been performing in the area for years.
Instrument- Carvin & Fender Jazz Five String Basses.

Eric Pitts 
Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion  

Our recent "re-addition" to the Blackened Blues Band all star line-up. We're glad to hail Eric's return after a succesful two year west coast tour. Outstanding keyboards and vocals.
Instrument- Electronic keyboards and synth.

        Eric - Keys

chuck - Drums
  Drums, Percussion.

Ever heard the term solid drummer? Locking in the beat and locking in with the bassman is what Chuck does best. His rhythm and playing style reflect the roots of radio and the hits that we used to hear from back in the day.
Instrument-Vintage 1976 & 1968 Roger's Drums

The Blackened Blues Brass"The Essential Seasoning"
These Brass Veterans are well known in the New Orleans music scene and a welcome addition to our All Star Line up. Keep an eye for them at the New Orleans Saint's home games

           Steve Burke     Steve Burke  Jerry Dahmer   Jerry Dahmer  


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